First All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference
with the participation of foreign experts



Purpose of the conference: sharing experiences and innovations in the BIM environment between design, research, production, construction, management companies and enterprises, national expert and regulatory institutions, research organizations and educational institutions of Ukraine.

Place: Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Date: March 18-19, 2021.

Languages of the conference: Ukrainian, English.

Format: onsite and online mode.

Organizational fee: free.

Submission of applications: by March 10, 2021.

Conference materials: electronic collection of  conference abstracts and certificate.

Information letter: download.

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Plenary Session:

1. Concept of Implementation of BIM Technologies in Ukraine. Roadmap for Practical Implementation.

Voskobiynyk Olena Pavlivna, Acting Director General of the Directorate of Technical Regulation in Construction of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine.

2. Experience and Prospects of Passing the Examination of Project Documents for Construction in BIM Format.

Berendeeva Olena Vasylivna, Director of SE UKRDERZHBUDEKSPERTYZA.

3. Using Laser Scanning for BIM Model Control.

Gorb Oleksandr Ivanovych, Director of TOV NAVIGATION AND GEODETIC CENTER, LLC.

4. BIM as an Integral Part of Large Projects in the US Market: Approaches, Experience, Benefits.

Malyarenko Vyacheslav Oleksandrovych, BIM Manager at TOV VEK-YUA, LLC.

5. Concept of Introducing BIM Technologies in the Educational Process at KhNUCEA in Specialty 192 Construction and Civil Engineering.

Spirande Karina Vitaliyivna, Guarantor of the educational program in specialty 192 Construction and Civil Engineering, Associate Professor of the Department of Reinforced Concrete and Stone Structures at KhNUCEA.

Gerasimenko Volodymyr Vitaliyovych, Head of the Department of Graphics at KhNUCEA.

6. SMART CITY: BIG DATA Management Concept in Architecture and Urban Planning.

Fomenko Oksana Oleksiivna, Head of the Department of Innovative Technologies of Architectural Environment Design at KhNUCEA.

Danilov Sergiy Mykhaylovych,  Head of the Department of Fine and Decorative Arts at KhNUCEA.

Vinogradov Vitaliy Volodymyrovych,  Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Structural and Theoretical Mechanics at KhNUCEA, General Director of TOV BIMPRUV, LLC.



Several workshops will be held in the following areas:

1. Challenges in Building Information Modeling.

2. BIM Technologies in Architectural and Construction Design and Calculations.

3. BIM Technologies in Organizational and Technological Solutions in Construction.

4. BIM and Geoinformation Technologies in Construction.

5. BIM Management in Construction Project Lifecycle Management.

6. BIM Education in Educational Institutions for Architecture and Civil Engineering.

7. Smart City in Ukraine: from BIM to СIM.


Address of the Conference organizing committee:
Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture:
Sumska street, 40, Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine.